It is never too early to plan for retirement.

At Louisiana Insurance Group, we offer customized 401K retirement savings plans for your employees. However large or small your business, a strong benefits package is an important part of any company for attracting and retaining quality, long-term staff. As an employer, a 401K retirement plan is an efficient way to show employees that you value their time with your business. 

A 401K plan is an employer-sponsored retirement savings system in which an employee has the option to deduct a particular amount of money from each paycheck. The decided amount is taken out pre-tax, meaning you pay less income tax, and many times is matched by the employer. Overall, a 401K is the easiest way to invest tax-free and to save for the future. 

When deciding whether or not to invest in a 401K, we advise you to consider the following:

  • When do I plan to retire?

  • Do I have other investments or savings for when I retire?

  • Am I earning enough income to survive once I retire?

  • Have I prepared for my retirement years?

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