Long and Short Term Disability

Disability insurance, much like life insurance, is here to help financially when unforeseen events occur.

At Louisiana Insurance Group, our short and long term policies are in place to cover salaries that might be lost due to illness or injury. No one can predict when they might be out of work due to health issues; a disability policy can help to keep you on your feet if/when these times arise. As a business, offering employees a disability insurance plan is yet another important part of any benefits package. If your employees are performing risky or dangerous jobs, disability insurance is especially important to offer for their peace of mind and safety.

Short and long term disability insurance differ in the amount of time they provide you with benefits while you are out of work. Short term benefits typically cover 3-6 month unemployment periods. Long term benefit plans cover year-long periods of unemployment. We can work with your business to create a policy that works for you and your employees. 

When deciding whether or not to purchase disability insurance, we advise you to consider the following:

  • Is the job dangerous or risky? 

  • Am I prepared to go without income for an extended period of time? 

  • Do I have savings?

  • Will my family be affected if I am out of work?

long and short term disability insurance